A story telling point 'n click adventure

Global Game Jam 2014
Team Rocket

Known technical issues: One possible scenario of the game runs as executable. If your choices lead you there you will find a link to download the rest of the game to your PC. Download and unzip. Open folder setup and run setup.exe. After that run ProjectDELU.exe from the main folder.
If you have already downloaded the game and you need the setup you can download it from here .

If you have any question feel free to contact us at:

About the game

Game is placed in 1885, in a dark and strange environment. Each player faces a different scenario, depending on the choices he/she made at the intro of the game and there may be choices and dilemmas during the game, changing again the game experience for each user. This prototype has limited versions, but in full game there will be algorithms that define the scenario, the goals, even the sounds each player faces.

The Team

We are "Team Rocket" - you know, from Pokemon!

JESSIE: areir (programmer, team leader)
JAMES: NikosSenounta (programmer)
MEOWTH: drago (writer)
WOBBUFFET: keladros (graphic designer)

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