U-110, A World War II story, is a first person, story driven, puzzle adventure, created during gi-Cluster Game Jam 2015, under the theme "enigma".

Alan Turing's contribution to breaking Enigma - though unrecognized before his death - is nowadays common knowledge. But, very few know how Alan Turing and his team got the Enigma machine, its cipher keys, and code books that allowed codebreakers to read German signal traffic during World War II.

In this game you’ll meet the unsung heroes and revive a little known aspect of the Enigma’s story. A small tribute to the heroes of the “most important single event in the whole war at sea”.

Game created by:
Egkarchos Konstantinos (Programming)
Giamarellou Caterina (Concept Art, Texturing, 2D Art, Level Layout, Sound Design)
Giannakopoulou Aristi (Game Design)
Tsiflas Aggelos (3D Modelling, UV Mapping, Texturing, Level Design)

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